Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) Tutor

Saturday, September 19th, 2020 to Monday, May 31st, 2021 (ET)


*RETURNING TUTORS: Please fill out this form no later than Wednesday, 9/23, at 11:59pm EST.

*We are no longer accepting any applications for NEW PAL Tutors for Fall 2020 as we have surpassed capacity. Interested students are welcome to apply, but their applications will be deferred to the Spring semester.

Welcome to PAL!

Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) is a student-led group that is part of Community Corps, a program of the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University. PAL partners with Perspectives Corporation, a local community organization that provides services and support to children, youth, and adults throughout the state of Rhode Island and with the goal of helping people with disabilities participate in and contribute to community life. 

PAL pairs student tutors from Brown University with adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities living in the greater Providence community to meet on a weekly basis. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for mutual growth through personal relationships that are formed around the shared pursuit of continuing education. PAL practices a learner-centered focus in that we encourage learners to choose the topic(s) on which they will collaborate with their tutors throughout the semester. 

Together, our learning partnerships work to empower one another, establish a supportive community, and expand our knowledge about academic subjects, job-related skills, hobbies and passions. To learn more about who we are follow us on Facebook (@PartnershipforAdultLearning) or contact us at

Issue Area
Neurodiverse Adults

Position Overview 
As a PAL tutor, Brown students are expected to lead one-on-one lessons with their learners. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all lessons will occur virtually over Zoom or over the phone depending on the learner's comfort level and access to technology.

PAL tutors are expected to tailor lesson plans to their learner's interests and accommodate any lessons to match their learner's comfort level. A passionate and dedicated attitude is necessary to volunteer for this program. PAL values respectful and meaningful long-term relationships between volunteers and program participants.

Responsibilities and Duties 
PAL tutors and Community Corps students are expected to tutor their learner once a week for an hour. Tutors are also required to attend an orientation held at the beginning of each semester and a celebration held at the end of each semester. Weekly reflections evaluating each tutoring sessions via BrownEngage and attendance to a Swearer Center training for Community Corps students are also mandatory. 

Training, Supervision, and Support Offered 
PAL tutors are expected to attend a mandatory orientation at the beginning of each semester which will discuss what it means to work with adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, engagement strategies, and expectations for all PAL tutors for the upcoming semester. In addition, at the beginning of their first semester as a PAL tutor, students will attend a Swearer Center training for Community Corps students.  

Site Leaders, Perspectives Corporation, and fellow tutors will offer continuous support, guidance, and engagement strategies to all tutors once lessons begin. 

Expected Hours per Week 
1-2 hours per week

*For any first year students interested in participating in Community Corps, first year students will only be able to participate after October 1. This participation includes interviews. Therefore, we will delay any decisions regarding first year acceptance until after October 1.
Opens Sep 18, 2020 12:00am
Registration Closes
Oct 23, 2020 11:59pm or when space runs out.
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