Giving Days

Activate your community to help in donation drives, fundraising, volunteer efforts

Fundraising Features

Organize all fundraising efforts from donation pages, crowdfunding, peer to peer (P2P) campaigns, giving days etc.

  • Giving Days and Group Campaigns
    Fundraise for internal groups or community partners during a giving day or extended giving campaign. Use examples: university, college or K-12 giving day, programmatic or activity drives, state employee charitable fund drives, city or community giving days, end of year appeals, and more. Contact us at for more ideas
  • Branded Experience
    Add your organization’s branding to the whole donation experience, from the fundraising page to the thank you confirmation and follow up emails
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Fundraisers
    Create peer to peer campaigns with custom pages and donation goals to activate and expand your fundraising network

Metrics & Engagement

Engage your community further and have access to insights and reports

  • Matching & Leaderboards
    Use leaderboards and matching to incentivize friendly competition and increase giving. Track giving by groups or donor affiliation on leaderboards. Match gifts to your campaign or volunteer hours served
  • Reporting Made Easy
    Create unique reports based on your campaign. Filter donors by donation amounts, time periods, or answers to custom checkout questions to accurately and thoroughly understand your donors and their connection to your cause
  • One Database for All Impacts
    Track donations and volunteer hours in one database to bridge the gap between your donors and volunteers. Use metrics from the different types of engagements to better understand your donors

Donation Pricing

Let your community engage with you through donations, crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns

  • 1% + Credit/Debit Fee
    The processing fee is 1% + Credit/Debit Transaction (2.9% + 30cents). The 1% allows us to invest back into community initiatives like Director of Volunteers in Associations, Scholarships, Pro Bono projects and many others (see more here). Note: when a donor covers the fees, the effective donation transaction rate drops to an average of 1%
  • Let Donor Cover Fees
    Your organization will keep at least $98.50 of every $100 you raise. You also have the ability to allow your donors to cover the donation processing fees. Over 85% of donors normally do. Because of this, nonprofits keep an average of $99.00 of every $100 raised. In these instances, the effective transaction rate could become 1%
  • Lowest Rate in Industry
    The per transaction fee is 3.9% + 30cents for web payments, which includes credit card fees. As mentioned above, your donors have the option to cover this fee. If all of your supporters cover the fee, you’ll pay no transaction fees for fundraising. This coupled with our platform is the lowest rate in the industry


  • Branded Experience
    Add your organization’s branding to the whole donation experience, from the fundraising page, to the thank you confirmation, and to the follow up email notifications
  • Automated Thank You
    Customize thank you notes when people donate and determine when you want the notifications to go out. These thank you notes will then be automatically sent to the donor’s email at your chosen time, whether that is immediately after the donation or at a later date once your fundraising campaign has ended
  • Custom Fields
    You decide what information and data you want to gather. Customize the workflow to include a followup survey or a set of unique questions to ask the donor

Donor Management

  • Database
    Customize what fields you want to capture every single time a donor donates to you. Our one-stop database approach allows you to review custom field data and communicate with donors all in one place
  • Reports
    Create unique reports based on the campaign you created. You can filter and sort by donated amounts and time periods to accurately and thoroughly understand your donors and their donations to your cause
  • Integrations
    Should you decide that you want to use GivePulse to augment an existing CRM or ERP system, we can help. We out-of-the-box integrate with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Blackbaud and other products

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