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Have you sent me the bci forms yet for my renewal? Thank you.
Hi Barbara! Yes, I did. But I will resend them in a new message to you! — Alexandra Huzyk Alexandra Huzyk on January 16, 2021
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Did you send me the Bci forms yet for my renewal? Thank you.
Request training March 5th 9 to 11 AM
would like to start after the December break if possible-Tuesday & thursday am hrr-and the teacher assigned?r
looking for the survey questions
Hi there, I volunteered a few semesters ago for my competency course at CCRI. I am currently taking a Non-Profit course at RIC and am presenting about Inspiring Minds with my group. I was wondering if you could share some information on how you obtain your resources and what that entails.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,
Edwin Dougal
Hi Edwin, I'd be happy to help. Give me a call at the office 401-274-3240 or email your questions to M — Melissa Emidy Melissa Emidy on October 28, 2019
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Is anybody willing to let me join there carpool to Frank D Spaziano Elementary on Tuesdays from 9-12. It would be greatly appreciated.
Is there anyway anyone can carpool me to a school in Providence? I am waiting to choose my school until I have a carpool. Please help!
I subbed music at Central High. It was fun.
Hi Mark, unfortunately no. Inspiring Minds worked with the district to determine which schools we would work with in the upcoming school year. The good news is you may continue to volunteer at the high school through the district. They have a process, similar to ours. You can contact the office of family and community partnerships at 456-0686 for more information. If you'd like to join us at the elementary level, we would be happy to have you.