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    Swearer Student Leader Retreat
    Community Corps - Inspiring Minds

    Since being back at school, most of my work has been organizing SCP for the coming semester. I have gone into the schools three times, but I've spent a lot of time responding to emails, sorting out volunteers' times, availability, trainings, and problems, meeting with Inspiring Minds, and coordinating with Kelly and Savanna about what we need to additionally organize.

    Gave 45.00 hours between 01/19/2018 and 02/21/2018 with Bonner Community Fellowship
    Community Corps - Inspiring Minds

    Kelly, Savanna, and I organized over winter break for the coming semester. We Skyped a staff member at RISD to try and get RISD students involved with SCP, but it never panned out (aka they never emailed us back afterwards).

    Gave 6.00 hours between 12/18/2017 and 01/12/2018 with Bonner Community Fellowship
    Community Corps Program

    I attended the MPC Heterosexism Workshop. I was uncertain how the workshop would be structured, as I had little knowledge on heterosexism and could see it being interpreted many ways. As a history major, I was pleasantly surprised by the large historical component of the workshop, which discussed the women of color who led the charge for change. It also made me reflect on mainstream media's negative, minimalist, and whitewashed portrayal of LGBTQIA+ individuals, an issue that as a straight, white man I can easily never confront. Overall, the workshop was incredibly eye opening, making me reflect as my own positionality and how I interact with the LGBTQIA+ individuals in my life.

    Gave 1.50 hours on 11/30/2017

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    Community Corps - Inspiring Minds

    Working in this classroom this past semester has been incredibly trying and rewarding. I've been able to watch the significant growth of these kids as they learn math, but more importantly their everyday struggle to behave appropriately in the classroom. They've grown significantly, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I can't wait to see what the next semester brings.

    Gave 30.00 hours between 11/13/2017 and 12/07/2017

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    Bonner Community Fellowship

    Went into the classroom multiple times and the improvement in my students' work is noticeable. They are paying more attention at times, but still falling into their habits of not listening well every once and a while. Also went to a meeting about getting funding and a meeting with the new director of Inspiring Minds.

    Gave 24.00 hours between 10/18/2017 and 11/12/2017