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    Bonner Community Fellowship

    Time spent responding to emails, creating the application, recruiting at activities fairs and info sessions, and planning for the year.

    Gave 15.00 hours between 09/03/2017 and 09/12/2017 with Community Corps - Inspiring Minds
    Bonner Community Fellowship

    Training for Bonner Preseason

    Gave 19.25 hours between 08/26/2017 and 08/30/2017 with BrownEngage, The Swearer Center
    Evan Kindler

    Evan @ Community Activism Law Alliance

    My time at CALA this summer has been incredibly informative and inspiring. Being around so many passionate people has really given me hope that even in these turbulent times, that lasting, important change can occur. I continued to work on formatting and writing my success stories which will be up on the CALA website in the next few days. We just moved into a new office so we have been doing a lot of setting up, building furniture, and painting. I did an intake with a client the other day and it was heartbreaking. She talked about her troubles with landlords leading to her family's homeless. The work that CALA and all of the Swearer programs are doing has immediate impacts on the lives of community members and reminding myself of that has relit the fire under me to keep improving both SCP and the world at large.

    Gave 51.50 hours between 08/01/2017 and 08/16/2017 with Bonner Community Fellowship
    Evan Kindler

    Evan @ Community Activism Law Alliance

    Continued to improve the website and create graphics in photoshop. The success stories and graphics I've been writing will soon be posted on the website and used as material that will be distributed to donors. I've become the go-to person for graphic/website design and marketing material, so I've even done a periphery project with the Vietnamese Association of Illinois.

    Gave 39.00 hours between 07/12/2017 and 07/31/2017 with Bonner Community Fellowship
    Evan Kindler

    Evan @ Community Activism Law Alliance

    Did a lot of website and graphic design that I'll be able to apply to SCP. Writing CALA success stories which involves interviewing lawyers and clients.

    Gave 33.00 hours between 06/22/2017 and 07/11/2017 with Bonner Community Fellowship
    GivePulse profile picture of Juan Carlos Carranza Juan Carlos Carranza  4 years ago
    Evan, it's great to know that you're learning skills that will be applicable to your work with SCP! I'm also happy to read that you've been learning a lot on the job and from your clients. Is there anywhere that you can go to read the success stories you're working on?

    GivePulse profile picture of Evan Kindler Evan Kindler  3 years ago
    Eventually yes. I will let you know when they are put on the website
    Evan Kindler

    Evan @ Community Activism Law Alliance

    My time at CALA so far has been incredibly informative and productive. I've been writing emails asking people for money, designing graphics and templates for those emails, writing success stories of clients, going to protests, and spending most weekdays around a bunch of lawyers and law students. I've learned a ton about the obstacles that immigrants face and the ways that the government, both local and federal, makes their lives far more difficult than they need to be at every turn.

    Gave 77.50 hours between 05/31/2017 and 06/21/2017 with Bonner Community Fellowship

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    Community Corps - Inspiring Minds

    My groups at Fogarty and D'abate are starting to really mesh and were becoming much more productive. My 5th graders took the PARCC test that I've been preparing them for all semester. Also did site leader transition training bright and early Saturday morn.

    Gave 24.00 hours between 04/08/2017 and 04/29/2017 with Bonner Community Fellowship