NYU 19' B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Human Cognition and a minor in Anthropology. Passionate about mental health and holistic living while integrating facets of cultural humility and human empathy. All things minimalistic, dietary, fitness and travel-related, homeopathic, anthropologic, alternatively medicinal, and mindful in nature.


AmeriCorps VISTA - 2019
Impact Evaluator
Building capacity to serve underrepresented youth population in the Providence metro area.



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    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    As previously mentioned, moving forward, I will utilize a different template provided by my impact evaluator predecessor, Silas. This will include a weekly success, challenge, and aspiration. Because I see there to be additional qualitative insight I will, on occasion, provide a notes section. I believe this encapsulates the weekly experience in its totality relating to my services and interactions throughout.

    Success: The successes have been plentiful, in that, data generation and data illustration to middle school principles has been successful thus far. We met with the principal and vice principal of Nathanael Greene Middle School (our strongest program) and presented data to him on our season. He was 110% convinced of the impact BTS has on his students and supports us entirely. This is big because Nathanael Greene is one of two schools, along with Gilbert Stuart, is directly contracted with the school and not financially supported by PASA. We rely directly on the schools themselves for funding and transportation rather than another after school organization that facilitates these dimensions of programming. He is entirely on board with ensuring the future of programming with Nathanael Greene and the data on attendance, tournament success, programming offered, and overall participation I believe only augmented our appeal.

    Challenge: A challenge for me is understanding and quantifying the scope of programming that we do. We have many symbiotic and supportive relationships with higher educational bodies, secondary schools, and other wrestling organizations that we collaborate with. We do joint practices and additional programming outside the contracted season. Staying up to date with these outside tournaments, duels, and opportunities that our middle school student-athletes have access to is a bit of a challenge. There is nonstop wrestling opportunity and tracking when BTS was involved and to what to degree can become seemingly impractical. I am working with Silas to effectively track and document these occasions and to better streamline my awareness to these supplementary opportunities.

    Aspiration: One goal I want to properly prepare for is my In-Service Training opportunity in Philadelphia next week. I want to go in with an open mind ready to absorb as much information as possible. Expanding my network and taking advantage of any opportunity to add to my resource bank. Also want to properly prepare for how COVID-19 might affect my service with BTS and how to account for this.

    Gave 38.00 hours between 02/23/2020 and 02/29/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    Silas had spoke of the way he approached his impacts on Brown Engage this week and I kind of liked his framework. For some time, moving forward, I think I am going to integrate dimensions of his template into my impact experiences.

    A challenge I experienced this week was probably relating to introducing a Bryant University Group volunteer group into our community. Silas left it up to me and I felt like I didn't do the opportunity its justice. They are finance, accounting, business management, and related fields majors. Our student-athletes could really learn a lot from them and pick their brain as to the college trajectory. Some of our students are headed to Classical, which is an acceptance only test-in high school that focuses on college readiness. Several college sophomores and juniors could have a valuable place in the preparation process. I wish I would have brainstormed an icebreaker activity of sorts to introduce the college students with our students.

    An accomplishment was probably relating to the everyday gains of being a member of Beat The Streets. I feel like it takes time to develop an acceptance from the kids to being a part of their program. I feel as though I'm slowly but surely becoming a friendly, reliable face our kids feel comfortable chatting with or asking questions. They're becoming cool with me per se, and the same can be said for me with them. Also, I was able to present data to the principal of DelSesto Middle School with Richard, Silas, and Coach David (who is also a teacher there) and the meeting went great. Though there was a drop in numbers this year, we discussed a course of action moving forward to generate more support and interest in the program. Transportation was a major hindrance, though the principal was totally on board to increase availability and flexibility with PASA.

    A look ahead and goal for the future would be to build on the positivity of the initial meeting with DelSesto. We have 5 more meetings with the rest of our middle school partnerships and I want to go into every one more prepared and ready than the last. On to Nathan Bishop and Nathanael Greene!

    Gave 33.00 hours between 02/16/2020 and 02/22/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    A challenge that I saw this week was securing food donations for an upcoming event. I approached several local chains without much luck, but thankfully Silas was able to help. I believe the two of us together, in strength in numbers, a lot of the times are more fruitful.
    I think I am becoming a more collaborative worker in groups as opposed to my more introverted previous ways. I learn from others and incorporate certain dimensions of how they accomplish tasks into my methodology. Silas has a ton to offer in terms of communicating with others and being a positive presence in the community.
    Other than that, we are preparing for our meetings with school principals to discuss furthering our programming with them. In order to effectively pitch and illustrate what we do, I've calculated data over the season about each, individually school and will present it to them. I need to dig a little deeper into the numbers and really get the full scope of each individual school with relation to demographics, language spoken, attendance, grades, placements in competitions, ages, grades, etc. I think the school admin will really appreciate what it is that we are doing and the data will support this.
    I also attended the last Justice Talks meeting that was hosted and it was bitter sweet I suppose to see it come to a conclusion. On the one hand, it was useful and informative and I enjoyed attending every week, on the other I am ready to use what I've learned to further impact the community and aid in my service! The people I met were pretty awesome and the entire experience was eye opening and insightful.
    I hope to move forward in a positive manner and really hit it out of the park with these school meetings. Want to show BTS all the work I've been doing these passed few months!

    Gave 30.00 hours between 02/09/2020 and 02/15/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    My first official week in February! Completed two full months of service as a VISTA with AmeriCorps for Beat The Streets. A lot of miscellaneous work was completed this week in terms of house keeping. Updating registrations, tracking attendance, delivering wrestling mat tape, picking up paperwork from coaches, and meeting with coaches.
    I was also able to attend a Power Lunch at Esek Hopkins with Silas to promote Beat The Streets and see if any kids were interested in joining. We set up a booth and attended all of the designated lunch blocks. Handed out pamphlets and talked with kids about the program and what it is that we do. Several kids signed up and took the paperwork home with them. That type of in school support was needed and is needed now more than ever because of one of an unexpected death of one of the co-deans. It really has the school shook and we are there for moral and life support. The program is more than just wrestling but providing kids the emotional foundation they need to thrive.
    I also helped run the Moses Brown FIT spring program with their lower school with our female director, Jacque. I helped track attendance and facilitate logistics of the programming, like gamifying certain dynamics of the sport of wrestling so younger kids can become acquainted. This was a great experience and showed me a different aspect of the scope of what Beat The Streets does. Our involvement is really present from the elementary level of schooling all the way to the secondary school level, even beyond. It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between the different facets of what it is that we do. A lot of our programming is not documented, but really just for the support and assistance as a community. Like it's not required but it's the right thing to do.
    I also attended the justice talks which was fruitful per usual. It's nice seeing many of the Swearer Center members throughout the event. I can't believe next week is the last of them.
    Lastly, I solidified an internship at the School of Public Health with Brown with the approval of my supervisor as an intern for data management for a mindfulness based blood pressure study Brown is championing. It will help me with my work with Beat The Streets and I intend to bring some of the mindfulness components, if not the practitioner herself, to do an exercise with some of the kids. It will help them decompress and show them a different way to think.
    I am looking forward to the future and the final events of the middle school season. We are trying our best to end the season strong and transition into the Spring Programming in a seamless fashion.

    Gave 40.00 hours between 02/02/2020 and 02/08/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    Definitely an uptick from that of last's in that I found more utility in my work with AmeriCorps and Beat The Streets. I attended several practices with the Esek Hopkins and Nathanael Greene programs and was apart of the overall group morale. This was important because this weekend was the RIPCOA middle school State's tournament. This tournament effectively places and ranks the top tiered, competitive wrestlers in the states. Dozens of middle schools across the state came and competed in the tournament at Ponaganset High School in Scituate. All of the schools aside from Nathan Bishop had athletes that competed.
    The week's work was more so becoming apart of the program culture than actual capacity building. This, in a certain sense, is capacity building in and of itself because it helps the kids operate on a more unified and higher level. Without the coaches', administration, and volunteers' (me) support the kids would really lack that mentor structure. A lot of these kids lack the support system that other middle schools like Lincoln and South Kingston, for example, have. We need to be there to show these kids we care.
    As an organization we thrived in the tournament will several kids taking 1st place in their respective weight classes and many others placing 2nd, 3rd, and beyond. We definitely made some noise in the tournament and BTS is a formidable opponent in the wrestling world. This meant the world to the kids; to see their teammates do succeed in the face of adversity. It will make them more prepared and equipped in life.
    Aside from this, I attended the Justice Talks at PC which were very elevated. We discussed legacy, identity life, death, image, goals, and much much more. I think everyone involved got a lot out of it and left with a personal spreadsheet of commentary they can tap into in time to come. Talking about what it is to be you definitely unearths so much information about the fabric of society and our place within it as social agents. The groups also expanded as more people became involved and its nice to become acquainted with my statewide VISTA cohort.
    All in all, it was a productive week in building on relationships with the BTSPVD community. Becoming a familiar face about someone who cares is as important, in my opinion, as creating more effective operating systems in which the program runs on.
    Looking forward to yet another meaningful week as I start to quantify the demographics of our athlete population to present to prospective donors.

    Gave 40.00 hours between 01/26/2020 and 02/01/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    This VISTA week was particularly difficult for me, as I feel like I've plateaued personally. I want to do more for the organization but my skill set with google apps and other software I feel as though is being exhausted.
    I am going to attend more professional development opportunities through AmeriCorps, United Way, The Swearer Center, and Beat The Streets. Any more exposure to additional ideas and such would be of enormous value throughout my year of service. I want to always have something more to offer in terms of knowledge base and bringing something to the table. Constantly evolving and growing as a learning agent in this world will not only increase my future employability but also augment my value in the social world.
    We also had the female invitational on Monday 1/20 where nearly 40+ girls competed at the Rhode Island Convention Center for a state tournament hosted by BTSPVD. This was a huge success and our girls' executive director was super excited to see the turnout and community involvement. I worked checkin and we raised hundred of dollars for future Beat The Streets events.
    I also attended a VISTA meetup at DownCity design which was pretty awesome. We used the design process to create solutions for certain AmeriCorps issues. It was cool going through that process that replicated a lot of what the scientific method has epistemologically promotes and instead applying that to the creation process in an art setting.
    One other cool experience was professional development with Josh and the rest of the VISTA crew. I met several new VISTAS and we collaborated on possible professional development opportunities we could workshop in the events to come. There was also a VISTA that was at the meetup so it was nice to cross collaborate and see familiar faces.
    I just want to make sure I'm constantly growing and not stagnating or becoming complacent in my involvement. I feel like some of that comes existentially but also intrinsically. I look within and find personal areas where I can grow as a service volunteer but also a person!


    Gave 30.00 hours between 01/19/2020 and 01/25/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    This week was such a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me! This period of time consisted mainly of preparation and implementation of the Beauty and The Beast weekend tournament. This is a huge weekend for Rhode Island and New England wrestling as a whole. The standard workweek leading up to the weekend we collaborated with Track Wrestling, created registration links, promoted the tournament, corresponded with coaches, and established a framework as to how the weekend was to unfold. Beat the Streets staff communicated with JWU, Cornell, RIC, and other colleges to get ahold of resources and volunteers for the weekend's events. Which by the way were Friday's Middle School city tournament with all BTSPVD's kids, Saturday's statewide B&B tournament, Sunday's college level NCAA Div III tournament, and Monday's statewide girls invitational.
    After confirming with schools and organizing the infrastructure of the weekend, came much of the direct service. This included unfurling mats, setting up chairs, making copies of weigh-in sheets, and working with kids to prepare them for their matches! I ran a lot of the check-in and spectator payment booths/tables while also helping with miscellaneous work such as relaying information to our executive director, speaking with security for ice bags, and cleanup after the day's events. They were very long days but well worth it in that I made more of a deep-rooted relationship with the wrestlers involved in our program. It is nice building more effective systems for the program, but I also want to be apart of the fruits of my labor and have the kids know I have a vested, personal interest in the program as a whole! I feel as though they are coming around to me as a an outsider, while joking around with them and chatting about real world scenarios they appreciate. It was awesome to see how much this program and what we do means to the student -athletes.
    I also attended the justice talks at PC which was really impactful and helped me engage with other local VISTAS. We spoke about localities and how 'nationalities' and 'Where are you from?' is sometimes an ambiguation. We are apart of communities and cultures and customers rather than formal titles.
    All in and the my service term is going really well and it's meaningful to be apart of something for the greater good of humanity. Taking action toward real world issues leads to actual change in the lives of the youth that comprise our community. I feel good about my work and have done all that I can thus far for BTSPVD!

    Gave 60.00 hours between 01/12/2020 and 01/18/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    This week was kind of the quiet before the storm.The Beauty and the Beast tournament is being hosted on MLK weekend at the Rhode Island Convention Center and we, as a team, are doing everything in our power to prepare for it appropriately. This includes facilitating we have the mat space to host dozens of kids from across the space, reaching out to USA Wrestling Partners, coordinating reffing, appropriating funds, managing logistics, creating teams, registering athletes, and everything that's involved in creating a tournament from scratch. What Beat the Streets is doing is really amazing. Without this platform and healthy outlet, one can only surmise what kids would find themselves engaging in. Instead for an entire holiday weekend, they can engage in a constructive alternative and even watch Division III NCAA athletes compete on an elite scale.
    Aside from creating spreadsheets for coaches to input their anticipated competitors individually tailored to each school, I cleaned up much of the attendance sheets and created monthly tabs for coaches to input their data in a more organized fashion. Instead of a running list where past entries were being deleted, they are all effectively on the same uniform page with monthly logs and ample space for accurate documentation. Silas and I also attended a meeting with Meeting Street School to discuss after school programming with their elementary school kids. Silas has a particular bond with that place and was pleased to see things transpire in an encouraging manner. Hopefully come March and April we can provide programming for kids to partake in the action. I also started amalgamating all hours of programming offered for Richard. This includes but is not limited to practice hours, academic enrichment, club practices, girls programming, and additional events such as winter break camp and skyzone activities. I need to individually bracket the schools and see the effective cost per registered student of kids involved so that Richard can present these numbers to PPSD next week. I also started delving deeper into our registration process and making sure all kids participating are properly registered in our system. It's a little difficult because we have a paper registration process and also an electronic registration link. So cross referencing can get a little technical at times.
    All in all it was a good week and I look forward to creating more effective systems for Beat The Streets to utilize. Hopefully our big MLK weekend goes over smoothly also!

    Gave 25.00 hours between 01/05/2020 and 01/11/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    This week was yet another productive and informative one. I've been learning so much about the administrative piece of state governance. How state officials and Rhode Island expenditure committees are so intertwined in the fabric of non profits and funding as a whole. How that hierarchy is compartmentalized within multiple levels of PPSD and PASA and its effect on community partners and enrichment activities such as Beat The Streets. How Brown facilitates placements and government support such as my position as VISTA!
    All technicalities and structuring aside, the mere mass and scope of this work is so multilayered I can't help but try to wrap my head around its monolithic framework. It's quite simply wild.
    This week consisted of preparation for the Family Orientation/Family Day Beat The Streets. To do so I went to various restaurants in the area such as Dominoes and Flatbread Pizza Company developing relationships with them and securing food donations for the event. I was able to grab 24 pizzas in total with several different topping permutations. I also created a google form for the checkin of family members and athletes. It helped build the scope of our outreach and expand our network with all parties involved with Beat the Streets There was over 90 individuals that attended aside from undocumented toddlers! There was a range of activities and everyone had a really enjoyable time.
    From there we shifted our focus to Martin Luther King Jr. weekend where Beat The Streets is hosting a state level tournament and leading by example in legitimizing events for Rhode Island state youth. I was tasked with creating a spreadsheet where coaches can input their team members. I'm looking forward to moving forward with the organization and being of value in creating systems to better manage the data involved.

    Gave 32.00 hours between 12/29/2019 and 01/04/2020 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    This week was my first real test as an AmeriCorps VISTA I'd say. I was tasked with streamlining a registration process for our Beat The Streets/Boston Youth Wrestling Winter Break Camp that was December 27-29th. In the days prior, I helped oversee a Google Form that would allow us to document all attendees while asking necessary questions such as organization affiliation and contact information. Throughout the weekend over 114 wrestlers from BTSPVD,BYW, and many other non-affiliated organizations attended the camp. An olympic bronze medalist was our clinician instructor along with BTS National Director, a 2020 olympic hopeful, and greco-roman all American.
    Overall, the camp was a huge success! There was some initial trouble getting all the kids registered with the camp as well as verifying their USA Wrestling membership status. Because all wrestlers need to be insured we must cross reference their BTS membership with their USAW wrestling membership. In order to do this we need several pieces of information that we didn't initially have on the Google Form. Because of this there was a mismatch, but eventually we troubleshooted and queried the appropriate questions. After getting past this all wrestlers were accounted for and the data was analyzed.
    I think this was a great opportunity to create a system for Beat The Streets that they will use in years to come. It is sustainable and covers all bases. The camp was a three day long endeavor 10-3, but I came several hours early and assisted in the cleanup process. We then had a coach/volunteer social afterward on Sunday night! It was all in all a great weekend.

    Gave 30.00 hours between 12/22/2019 and 12/28/2019 with Beat the Streets, BrownEngage