NYU 19' B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Human Cognition and a minor in Anthropology. Passionate about mental health and holistic living while integrating facets of cultural humility and human empathy. All things minimalistic, dietary, fitness and travel-related, homeopathic, anthropologic, alternatively medicinal, and mindful in nature.


AmeriCorps VISTA - 2019
Impact Evaluator
Building capacity to serve underrepresented youth population in the Providence metro area.



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  • BrownEngage

  • Beat the Streets

  • The Swearer Center

  • Swearer Center Community Partners

  • Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

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    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    Personally, my VISTA experience has been nothing but positive from the get-go. The 2nd week was filled with triumphs, genuine impacts, and an increase in responsibility. Silas, Jacque, Richard, The Swearer Center, and my fellow VISTAs have been super supportive throughout this on-boarding and orientation process; very grateful to have them alongside.
    I'm really starting to wrap my head around the nuances and technicalities of the program itself. There are several layers including USA wrestling approval, BTSPVD registration process, electronic documentation, paper registration packets, a Boston Youth Wrestling merger that is currently taking place, high school support, ancillary programs, a girls division, coaches, wrestlers, schools, administration, and the list goes on. It's a lot to digest and I'm doing my best to fastidiously compartmentalize the various components involved. I think I'm hanging in there though, and starting to establish a working relationship with my fellow Beat The Streets staff as well as, most importantly in my opinion, the kids. That is why I am here and I sometimes need to remind myself that the ultimate impact is aimed toward improving the lives of Providence youth. They are such a wonderful group and deserve all the support and resources they can get, as does any child in America and beyond. It's also really encouraging to see how invested the coaches are in guiding the kids in the right direction. It is definitely reinstilling my hope for all the good people out there!
    Aside from the ground work, I am getting a feel for the type of data I'll be managing. Inputting new wrestler registration information in our online repository, coordinating attendance numbers, and managing enrollment for the various extracurricular events we host. Making sure everyone is properly certified and insured through USAW and mediating any discrepancies that exist in sign-up information, dispersing canned responses to attendees and registrants, and facilitating the overall function of events/duels/camps on the back-end will be where I offer most value.
    I also secured my first food donation for Beat The Streets and not going to lie, I'm pretty stoked I was able to accomplish that. It was 20 pizza pies from FlatBread Company nearby Thayer Street for our parent orientation day January 5th. I feel like I was able to help which was nice. Silas and I also attended a meeting with the YMCA partner organization where we co-host a spring session wrestling program using their facilities and reaching out to elementary schools in the area. I also attended a Hope Highschool D1 meet with South Kingston which was intense! We also met with Jacque and discussed the Winter Break Camp that will occur on the 27th,28th, and 29th in the Moses Brown Field House. We also ended our week at the Swearer Center for our monthly professional development with Josh which consisted of improvisational activities, an insightful presentation/workshop, and getting to know my VISTA cohort! Everything has been so great.
    I'm excited to be apart of this Beat The Streets Program and all the good they are doing. Everyone involved has a vested interest in the wellbeing of the children and I believe that is among the most admirable causes. Thank you Swearer Center and BTSPVD for another great week.

    Gave 38.00 hours between 12/15/2019 and 12/19/2019 with BrownEngage, Beat the Streets
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    Underwent my onsite orientation at the Brown University Swearer Center on the 9th of December. This was a full day event starting at 9 A.M. and ending at 5 P.M. There, I received a tour of the community engagement facility, met fellow staff members, and learned more about the organization's impact on the Providence community. I also finished my AmeriCorps VISTA part 2 virtual orientation/webinar and finalized my training by taking the Federal Oath to serve! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful as I embarked on my newfound journey!
    The rest of the week consisted of meeting the Beat The Streets Providence team and witnessing the program in action. The executive director Richard Muniz, the program director Silas Murray, and I sat down for an explanation of my role. I then shadowed Silas throughout the week and became acquainted with the various coaches involved, the different school teams, club affiliations and even opponents. Amidst the introductions I met the girls' director, Jacque Davis. I saw such a different part of Providence that I never knew existed! I really became invested in what Beat The Streets is doing for the community and excited about the work that I was going to do.
    I attended a Community Partners seminar with Silas hosted by the Providence Public School District that was super informative. I learned about the PPSD school data analytics, the federal census, and the English Language Learner program. I learned about other community partnerships that exist in the city, useful resources such as the RI Report Card feature, and data collection in the city. I also sat in on a Beat The Streets National web conference on Zoom that Silas participated in
    There was so much that happened from cultural enrichment to professional development throughout the week that it's difficult to summarize in one passage. Overall, it was a great week and I learned a ton.

    Gave 43.00 hours between 12/08/2019 and 12/12/2019 with BrownEngage, Beat the Streets